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Should You Take The First Offer After A Car Accident?

It’s really tempting to just accept what’s given to you, especially when you’re dealing with potentially ruinous car accident bills. The demands are more than you can bear; any type of relief is more than you may think you can get otherwise. That’s what the insurance company counts on.

At Hadeed Law, attorney Samir Hadeed wants everyone to know that the first offer you get from an insurance company is the minimum amount they think will make the problem go away. Across Pittsburgh, people struggling from accidents are in a desperate place, and insurance companies use cold, pitiless algorithms to decide precisely how little to offer. By working with a skilled personal injury attorney, that’s not how your case has to go.

Fighting For Pennsylvanians Suffering From Car Accident Consequences

A car accident is often entirely out of your control, and so is what happens after it. You may face such problems as:

  • Extensive injuries: From broken bones to burns to spinal cord injuries to amputations, car accident injuries are some of the most serious – and expensive – injuries to deal with.
  • Lost time at work: A hidden expense of a car accident injury is the often lengthy time you will be out of work, even in a desk job. For a job where you must use your body, you may lose income for a much longer period of time.
  • Transportation issues: Most people in Pennsylvania rely on their cars to get to and from work or the grocery store. Not having that primary mode of transportation will make things harder.
  • Caring for family: If you were in an accident but were not alone in your car during it, someone will need to care for your family member who is also injured – if not you, then who?

These are all serious issues and serious expenses. You deserve to pursue compensation, and attorney Hadeed will help you.

What About Single Car Crashes?

Pennsylvania has a first-person injury law, and your insurance must provide you with some coverage in an accident when there are no other involved cars. This is a bit more of a complex issue, but you can still get help.

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