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Criminal charges and personal injuries are two of the most complicated legal situations a person could find themselves in over the course of their lives. Handling either of these alone is a fast way to get in over your head. You need a robust and skilled lawyer on your side the whole way.

At Hadeed Law, attorney Samir Hadeed is there for people in need. He’s fought for them for nearly 15 years in criminal law and personal injury cases. He speaks five languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian – and treats the people who come to him with the care and compassion they deserve. He is an advocate with strength and resiliency. Learn more about Samir Hadeed in his bio below:

Guided By Lessons Of Strength

As a Christian, Samir Hadeed’s work as a lawyer draws on the deep, abiding compassion for people struggling. Using his understanding of the law, he stands up to the groups against them with care and concern. However, he holds firm to his ideals and represents clients with dedication.

He aims to be as strong as he can to help his clients achieve their goals. He shows up for people when they need it and demonstrates the immense source of strength and conviction that comes from faith and care for others.

Commitment And Dedication

One of the most underrated qualities that your attorney has is perseverance. Taking on complex, heavily disputed legal challenges such as personal injuries takes an immense amount of time. A lawyer who is easily intimidated and unwilling to put the work in may not be able to succeed for you.

Attorney Samir Hadeed has spent his life building his skills as a lawyer and his body as a powerlifter. Both of those goals take immense commitment and dedication. That kind of strength is hard to come by. When you turn to , you will know how rare and valuable it is.

Find The Help You Need. Call Hadeed.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to find a lawyer who will stand up for you for as long as you need it. Attorney Samir Hadeed wants to hear from you; call 412-643-0768 today for a free consultation or send an email to get started.