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You Deserve Compensation For Your Injuries

The immediate aftermath of an accident unfolds in many ways, but one consistent point is the struggle to get appropriate medical care – or, rather, help with the bills you get after receiving medical care. You will turn to an insurance company to take care of you for the injuries, and it will find any excuse to tell you “no.”

At Hadeed Law, attorney Samir Hadeed does not take a no for an answer. He is a thorough and strong litigator, ready to fight for clients across Pittsburgh facing personal injury problems of all kinds. He’s a lawyer who will listen to you and explain how he will build your case. He’s an advocate you can trust to take on the battles ahead.

Toughness You Can Count On In Your Personal Injury Case

There are many tactics that insurers use to minimize the payouts they make on claims. Most of those tactics are forms of delays and denials, doled out in the hope that your frustration will make you give up. Attorney Samir Hadeed has experience providing highly effective representation in such areas as:

As your lawyer, Mr. Samir Hadeed will listen closely to your issues and help you build a plan. More than that, he will show you the value of a skilled and strong personal injury attorney. He’ll work hard to help you shoulder the stress and difficulty of your case for you and be your voice throughout.

Help Is Near – Call Samir Hadeed

Reach out to Hadeed Law by calling 412-643-0768 today, or schedule your free consultation using this form. As your lawyer, Mr. Samir Hadeed will treat you with the care and respect you deserve. He will be on your side like few other lawyers will be.