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Gun And Drug Charges Are Often Linked

Most of the time, when police file drug charges against someone, there are accompanying gun charges. The reason for this is that the start of a drug charge is often a traffic stop, and if a person’s vehicle has drugs in it, there’s a chance that there is a weapon, too. That said, the initial search is only one part of the larger equation, and your rights are vitally important.

At Hadeed Law, attorney Samir Hadeed has extensive experience defending clients from criminal charges that involve drugs or guns in Pittsburgh. He understands Pennsylvania law and knows how to craft a thorough, zealous defense of your freedom. He’s compassionate toward the struggles of his clients and takes every step to secure their rights.

Dealing With Evidence From Drug Stops

Because most drug charges come from traffic stops, it’s important to know how this process works. Most police use “probable cause” to build the basis for the search of a vehicle, but their judgment of probable cause can be – and often is – flawed. If the police overstep their authority and search your vehicle without cause, then any evidence they find is not acceptable.

If the search is illegal, then the police cannot use any evidence they found that pointed to:

  • Trafficking
  • Possession
  • Intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing

If there is no evidence of the crime, then there is no basis to continue holding or charging you. This is a complex process, though, and there are many other ways to handle evidence against you in a drug case.

Dealing With Gun Charges

Gun charges are often one way to “aggravate” other crimes. Crimes such as assault, possession and robbery all can have heavier sentences if the person accused possessed a weapon. This makes gun possession a serious issue. However, there are other charges to worry about with guns, including:

  • Unlicensed possession
  • Unlawful ownership
  • Possession in a restricted area
  • Unlicensed concealed carry

If you violate Pennsylvania gun codes, then you will face serious consequences, including fines and jail time.

Free Consultations At Hadeed Law

Attorney Samir Hadeed has the experience and knowledge to fight for you in any drug or gun charge. His strength will make a difference, and he will not back down from the difficulties ahead. Call him to get started at 412-643-0768 or send an email.