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Charged With A Bad Deed? Call Hadeed.

Anytime you face a criminal charge, you are in a challenging position. Pennsylvania criminal law is strict, and you are just one person dealing with a massive, well-resourced investigation and prosecution. However, you do not have to deal with this alone.

At Hadeed Law, attorney Samir Hadeed is a thorough, aggressive defense lawyer for people across Pittsburgh. His dedication and strength as an attorney come from his compassion and care for his clients. He understands that his clients are facing the most difficult challenges of their lives and fights for them as they deserve.

Protecting Your Rights Is Extremely Important

There is nothing more important to you than your constitutional protections. Every single right that you may have keeps the government from doing whatever it wishes to you. Defending those rights is essential – not just for you, but for everyone. Attorney Hadeed has a great deal of experience protecting the rights of clients facing:

  • Traffic violations: From driving under the influence (DUI) offenses to speeding tickets, your rights do not end simply because you are behind the wheel of a car.
  • Gun and drug charges: Often, gun and drug searches violate your rights easily, and without a skilled, vigorous defense, you’re in more legal jeopardy.
  • Assault: Including battery and domestic violence, assault charges come with steep penalties and serious personal consequences.
  • Theft crimes: Crimes like burglary and robbery are often aggressively pursued by local authorities, leading to a great deal of rights violations.

It does not matter what the charges against you are, what the circumstances surrounding them are or even what condition any alleged victim is in. Your rights are a sacred piece of the criminal law puzzle. You deserve every ounce of an aggressive defense.

Forcing A Perfect Prosecution

The most important thing about your rights is that an imperfect case against you is a lot harder to prove. If there are mistakes in the evidence collection, unreliable witnesses or any errors by the prosecutor in presenting evidence, then the case gets much tougher for the other side.

As your lawyer, attorney Samir Hadeed will force the prosecution to be perfect – and that is an extremely hard thing to do for them.

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