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When you have been charged with a crime, you need to protect your rights with help from an experienced criminal defense attorney. At Hadeed Law, Samir Hadeed can fight back against the prosecution and ensure that you are treated fairly. Done a bad deed? Call Hadeed.

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Attorney Samir Hadeed
Attorney Samir Hadeed

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There are few things as serious as being charged with a crime. With the risks to your freedom and finances, you need to have a strong advocate on your side to defend you and be your advocate. With nearly 15 years of experience in criminal defense, Samir Hadeed has honed his skills at trial and negotiation.

If you are facing a serious charge such as assault, robbery or a weapons charge, Samir Hadeed can help you. That may involve a plea deal, negotiation with the prosecution or challenging the evidence against you. With Samir Hadeed, you have an attorney you can rely on to ensure that you are treated fairly by the prosecution and that your rights will be respected. He will work closely with you, keeping you informed of your case and allowing you to set your goals.

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